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Name:Patricia Jane

"The truth is mine."

Patricia Jane has the same history as her male counterpart: grew up in the carnival, honed her skills as a con artist, and had her life shattered by Red John. She still works with the CBI, and has the same skill set of mentalism/NLP/hypnotism, as well as magic tricks and lock-picking. Here are the traits that make Patricia unique:

  • She is lean, and not overly tall (about 5'8"). Favors flats or shoes with very small heels like Van Pelt wears now (and has even been known to 'borrow' a pair or six).

  • Does not wear much makeup (if any, some days).

  • Her charm is of a more mature variety, much less youthful and/or overt sexuality. She has no compunction about using her looks to get what she wants, but does not flirt with romantic intent. Yes, she messes with people and sometimes teases them. (Rigsby!)

  • Tea lover, with frequent forays into hot chocolate.

  • Loves scarves..seriously, she finds a way to wear them almost every day, in every style and combination. Wears suits sometimes, but with nicer, more feminine shirts (silk blouses, cap sleeves, fitted vest). No jewelry besides her wedding band.

  • Her idea of self defense is a kick to the groin, immediately followed by "run like hell." Also: Cho.

  • Is slightly less prone to wandering off alone to do a thing, and more likely to drag Cho along (since he is easily enabled, and less immediately busy than Lisbon). Plausible deniability.

  • Insists on being addressed as 'Jane' and not 'Patricia'. Is not very keen on 'Mrs. Jane' either.

  • Has more of an equal footing sort of relationship with Lisbon, with much less sibling rivalrly-esque antics and much more mutual respect. This doesn't mean she won't go over Lisbon's head, but only saves that for desperate situations.

  • Will still cut Red John open and watch him die slowly when she catches him. Makes no apologies about this.

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